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Lady Cab

The Sunlight Group is an innovative and a trend setting leader in the industry that believes women should be given equal opportunities in the industry dominated by male taxi drivers.

As such the innovative Lady Cab programme is designed to encourage ladies to be drivers by offering them a low entry cost package.

Although the Lady Cab programme targets primarily single mothers to help them to be entrepreneurs as taxi drivers, the programme also strongly encourages women in general to join the Malaysian workforce through this scheme.

This forward looking programme seeks to allow women to be independent and self-sufficient as entrepreneurs. Total training, counselling, and continuous learning will be provided to assist new recruits from the start to finish to fully prepare all new recruits to become confident and effective entrepreneurs.

Benefits of Lady Cab:

  • A programme by designed by Sunlight Taxi, the industry's leading taxi operator.
  • A low cost entry programme.
  • Meet the specific needs of women entrepreneurs especially single mothers.
  • Training and counselling provided by experienced professionals in the industry.

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