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NGV stands for Natural Gas Vehicles. These are vehicles fitted to run on natural gas, particularly Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Natural gas is used as a transportation fuel in the form of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG). Currently, CNG is the most common form of natural gas use as a clean alternative fuel, though it is noteworthy that heavy-duty vehicle fuel markets are developing rapidly for liquefied natural gas.

About Sunlight NGV

We are an established and experienced provider of Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) in Malaysia. Our proven records of providing fuel efficient, safe and reliable NGV system is unmatched with over 1000+ number of vehicles successfully converted to NGV.

Benefits of Sunlight NGV:

  • Price Stability. Historically, CNG prices have exhibited significant price stability as compared to petroleum-derived fuels and it is a cheaper alternative as a raw fuel.
  • CNG is a substitute for petrol and diesel. It is more environmentally friendly than its alternatives as a “green gas”.
  • Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) are cheaper to run overall than petrol or diesel vehicles.
  • Safer to use. Although CNG is an inflammable gas it is safer than petrol because CNG will ignite only in an enclosed environment with the right conditions. Upon leakage or spillage CNG disperse quickly as it is lighter than air.
  • NGV are cleaner than Hybrids car as it emits no harmful by-product gases. Since CNG is not a liquid it burns cleaner with residue with no oil contamination.