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Unicablink is a strategic innovative system to manoeuvre the Sunlight Group to the next level of performance and competitive advantage by introducing next technologies, systems and methods to replace old taxi booking processes.

Unicablink is an Integrate GPS Enabled Taxi Dispatching system implemented in the Sunlight's 24-hours taxi call center. The system replaces call center outdated manual booking processes with the new GPS and ICT capabilities which also enable online and smart phone application taxi booking services to the general public.

As a result Unicablink has achieved a tremendous performance track record with more than fourfold improvement in efficiency by shortened the taxi booking responses time from 20 minutes to less than 5 minutes. At the same time taxi drivers are excited to implement the system as it has shown to increase the revenue of the taxi drivers by matching the nearest available taxis to their clients.

With this advanced integrated online booking facility and a dedicated team, the Malaysia Book of Records has recognised Sunlight's pioneering work as the “First Online Taxi Booking Service Company” in Malaysia.

Benefits of Unicablink:

  • Improve speed and efficiency. The nearest available taxi will serve the booking client.
  • No duplication of booking thus avoiding confusion and complaints.
  • Booking clients will receive an SMS confirming the booking with the taxi number. This keeps the clients informed and reduces uncertainty and risk.
  • Taxi drivers improve their revenue as they will serve more clients in a day.
  • Professional trained and committed call center operators at your service.
  • 24/7 fully equipped call center facilities at your disposal.
  • Online booking via the computers and mobile booking via smart phone apps.