Online Booking

Thing To Note Before Making A Online Taxi Booking
Complete Pick Up And Drop Off Address

Providing a complete and full pick up address will enable us and our driver to find your location easily.

Pick Up Instruction And Remark

Let us know where u will be waiting (lobby, guard house etc)? How many luggage u have? Any special assistance or attention you might require?

Airport Booking

Kindly let us have your departure time, we will assist you to monitor your taxi pick up time! It is advisable that airport taxi booking, the taxi pick up time should be at least 4 hours before departure time for international flight and 3 hrs for local flight. For your information, for pick up from KL city area, the travel time to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Low Coat Carrier Terminal (LCCT) is 60min and to Subang Airport is 40 min

Determine The Type Of Taxi That Suit You

Taxi Type | Taxi Rate | Capacity Guide

Processing Time

Immedate Booking (pickup time is within the next 60min) - the system will immediately process your taxi order (from call in at 1300 800 222, smartphone booking app or online booking), the process will generally take about 5min to10min after which you will be informed whether there is a taxi or no taxi. The availablity of immediate booking will be based on BEST EFFORT BASIC, you may need to try multiple time in order to get a taxi. Due to the traffic condition in Klang Valley areas, It is advisable that you should start arranging your taxi 1 hour before your required pick up time (if your appointment is at 2pm, and your target to be picked up at 1pm, you should start trying 12:00pm to 12:30pm) to avoid last minute rushing or disappointment

Advance booking (pick up time is after the next 60min) - the system will immediately process your taxi order so as to secure a taxi for you earlier if possible. If your pickup time is within the same day of your booking date, you will be informed of the taxi pick up detail 1 to 2 hours before the pickup time.  If your pickup time is after the day of your booking date, you will be informed latest 8 hours to 12 hours before the pickup time.  

While we try to guarantee the pick up for advance booking, there may be instances that taxi is not available due to several situations (for instance, you are requesting a pick up during a traffic jam hours / from remote location) !  As a precautionary measure, please contact us at 1300 800 222 or  or Viber message us at +60163390909 3 hours before your pick up time, if you still had not get your confirm booking status/taxi detail. The will be surcharge for advance booking, kindly refer to the following section.

For your information, the average taxi processing time for an immediate booking ( the difference between the time u make a booking and the time taxi arrive to pick you up) could be up to 30 min; Within the 1st 15min of your booking, you should get your taxi confirmation (if there is a taxi), the taxi might take another 15min to 30min to reach your pick up location. Be always prepare to book your taxi early and be prepared to leave early if there is a taxi available for you. Whenever possible, avoid travelling during the pick hours: 8am to 9am and 4:30pm to 6:60pm. During peak hours, the taxi fulfillment rate could be as low as 50%. 

Taxi Booking From/To Remote Location

The availability of our taxi at/to remote location (away from major town center) will be uncertain and such the fulfillment rate could be an issue. On best effort basic, we will process the taxi booking requirement as normal booking. To ensure better chances of getting a taxi, the passenger is encouraged to make advance booking / try multiple time. However, upon the request from the passenger, we may arrange taxi from/to far away location to take up the taxi booking from/to remote location, under such circumstances, the taxi is considered engaged from the point of that particular taxi’s current location (not from the customer’s pick up location). as such there may be additional surchage of  RM5 to RM15 as remote location surcharge

Advance Booking

All taxi booking made 60 min or more in advance of pickup time (with advance pick up time) and with requirement for confirmed taxi in advance (with advance confirmation of taxi number), will be considered advance booking and subject to an advance booking surcharge in addition to the normal meter charge if service is confirmed! The reason why there is an advance booking surcharges is because for all advance booking, we will confirm and engage the driver at least 30 to 60 minutes before the taxi picking up the passenger (service is guaranteed!). During this time, the driver is not allowed to take other taxi assignment.


  • Advance booking surcharge is additional to normal meter fare.
  • Total Fare for advance booking arrangement => Advance Booking Surcharge + Meter Fare + Toll/Car Park Entry, if any.
  • Total Fare for immediate booking arrangement => Meter Fare + Toll/Car Park Entry, if any.

             For more info about meter fare please refer to Taxi Rate

Advance booking surcharge:

Budget Taxi
RM15 – for normal pick up (point to point transfer other than airport transfer)
RM15 – for Subang Aiport, KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport), Senai International Airport (Johor Bharu)
RM6  –  for LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) Airport

Executive Taxi
RM25 for Executive Premium Taxi normal pick up

Tips! You may avoid the advance booking surcharge by making your booking as and when you need it (an immediate booking), the taxi will be dispatched based on best effort basic, kindly book early and prepare to leave early for your appointment. It is suggested that 45min to 60min before your intended pick up time, you should start try to book to secure a transport. E.g. if you need a pick up at 1pm, you should start trying 12pm to 12:15pm, if the taxi come early, try to leave early too so that you will not be late for your appointment.  Immediate booking will be on Best Effort Basic where availablity of taxi is subject to the condition at the time of booking, for example if there was any taxi nearby, traffic condition and others.  You may need to try multiple time to get a taxi.  You may download our Unicablink Smartphone app / online booking to book your taxi so as to avoid calling charges

Payment of Fare

For normal pick up, fare shall be paid upon the completion of the trip to the drivers. However, under the following circumstances the passenger may be requested to pay a minimum fee/a percentage of the total estimated fare upfront in order to secure the transport:

  1. When making an advance booking arrangement
  2. When requesting a special transport pick up arrangement, such as hourly booking, travel and tour, scheduled pickup and others
  3. When requesting a non taxi transport arrangement, such as Bus, Van, Limousine

Payment Method:
For the convenient of our customers, when requested, the customers are provided the following option to pay the fare or a portion of the fare;

  1. Bank In
  2. TT
  3. Online payment link
  4. Charge to corporate account (pre arrangement required)

Estimated Fare

If estimated fare is indicated/provided in unicablink online website / smartphone app, it is for reference purpose only.  The estimated fare is calculated based on the following assumptions:

  1. Estimated fare is calculated based on approved taxi meter tariff formula (kindly refer to Taxi Rate), where the system will take the straight line distance between two GPS points (pick up and drop off location) to work out the basic charges (Distance charges) of the trip.   
  2. Estimated fare formula =   (Starting Charge + (Distance Charge) + (On Call Charge, if applicable) + (Airport Surcharge, if applicable) ) x 1.25.  The additional 25% is to factor in the time charges and actual route used. For the exact taxi meter rate, kindly refers to Taxi Rate
  3. The estimated fare is for reference purpose only, the final meter fare will be subject to the traffic condition, route used and others factors.

How to work out the estimated fare:

KL Budget Town Taxi = (Distance (KM) x 1.09) + RM3.00 + RM2.00 + the following, if incurred / applicable

a) Airport Surcharge = RM12

b) Advance Booking Surcharge = RM15.00

c) Toll & Parking Fee, based on actual receipt

KL Executive Town Taxi = (Distance (KM) x 2.50) + RM6.00 + RM2.00 + the following, if incurred / applicable

a) Airport Surcharge = RM0, not applicable

b) Advance Booking Surcharge = RM25.00

c) Toll & Parking Fee, based on actual receipt

E.g. for a 5km trip, budget taxi meter fare = (5km x 1.09) + 3.00 + 2.00 = RM10.45 (+/-), if you making advance booking the fare will be RM10.45 + RM15 = RM25.45 (+/-)


1) You may get the distance from Google Map

2) if you are travelling between 0:00am to 5:59am, there will be a midnight charge of additional 50%

Cancellation & Refund

Customers are adviced to inform Unicablink directly and as early as possible to cancel any trips. Trip cancellations are subject to cancellation charges as followed:

1) Booking Fee paid is non-refundable (basically to cover expenses incurred to coordinate and arrange the transport)

2) Cancellation done 48 hours before the pick up time - booking fee is non-refundable, the balance after deducting the booking fee can be refundable to the customer (subject to deduction on any charges that can not be coverred with booking fee)

3) Cancellation done within within 48 hours from the pick up time - All amount paid is NON-refundable and customer shall be responsible for the expenses incurred  by Unicablink as a result of comfirming the transport for the customer and in case where the amount paid by the customer is not sufficient to cover the amount incurred by Unicablink.

Tipping Policy


Likely situation


Extra incentive


Traffic Jam / Peak hours


Remote location


Advance confirmation

Tipping need not be considered mandatory or automatic. Too often, tips are taken for granted or expected regardless of the quality of service. Tipping should be done at your discretion and as a reward for good or superlative service and extra effort to complete the services.

Under certain circumstances you might want to provide additional incentive for driver

  1. To pick you up from / to remote location.  In this case, driver may have to take the extra effort to send you to or pick you up from that location. Most of them will make to make an empty trip to/from the pickup/drop off location.
  2. To ensure guaranteed taxi for your important appointment, you might need to engage a taxi to wait for you before your pick up time. In general, the metered waiting fare will be RM18/hr for budget taxi and RM34/hr for executive taxi.
  3. During the peak hour or traffic jam, most of the driver might be reluctant to get caught in the jam

Once again, we would like to stress that tipping shall be at the discretion of the passengers, we do not try to encourage the culture of tipping. We would work toward providing good services for our passengers based on meter fare.


1) Passenger phone number & driver phone number - To protect the privacy of our passengers, it is our policy not to give the number of passengers to the drivers without the concerns of our passengers. Kindly highlight to our operator if you do not wish to disclose your number to driver.   However, we shall provide the number of the drivers to the passengers just in case it might be needed ( sometime, it might be difficult to get the line in our call centre).  The passengers are reminded by calling the driver at the number, they will expose their number. 

2) Passengers are encourage to use our smartphone app for taxi booking, you may click the following download link:

   Google Play:
   App Store:
   BlackBerry World:

Term & Conditions

General Terms And Conditions Governing Use Of Sunlight Taxi Online Taxi Booking Services / General Terms And Conditions On The Use Of Sunlight Taxi / Airport Transfer Service